Be snow ready by

  • having a great resume that stands out, include a picture – contact us if you need one
  • dressing to impress for your interview and when handing out your resume
  • answering your phone when it rings
  • being on time for your interview 5 minutes early is perfect
  • Smiling, listen and ask questions at your interview

Got a snow job, great, now to keep it 

  1. present yourself every shift in the best way possible
  2. smell your best
  3. be on time – ring if you’re going to be late
  4. if you’re sick – call as early as possible, don’t go skiing/boarding
  5. smile, show your snow enthusiasm
  6. enjoy your work – if you don’t, find something else
  7. belong and join the team spirit – you have got 12 weeks of have fun but work hard, enjoy
  8. RESPECT – show it to everyone