When’s the best time to apply for work in Australian Winter Resorts?


If you’re super keen – January

Most jobs are filled by Easter (April)

If you’re late to decide, vacancies can occur throughout the season due to injuries, staff not turning up or working out!

How do I apply to work in the Snow?

SnowyStaff, just register online and fill out the Registration Form


Directly to the Resorts


Click on seek.com.au, indeed.com.au, gumtree.com.au

I don’t have a Resume, do I need one?

Yes as it’s great to have your contact details and skills on a professional one pager to hand out or to email out to businesses.

If you don’t have one, become a SnowyStaff Member and we can help you .

What do I need before coming to work in the snow?

We have 10 must bring, if you can suggestions….

  1. Work clothes, black shoes, pants, long sleeve polo, vest, t-shirts can get you by to start with
  2. Can do work attitude, your incredible smile and fun humour
  3. A car
  4. Money – $2000 will guarantee a great season, that is if your budget savvy
  5. Good Gear – Waterproof, good boots and a cool hat
  6. Insurance; for yourself, Ambulance cover and Car
  7. Phone with Find my iPhone App on it, solid protector case, name and another phone number stuck on the back
  8. A Pub Jacket that it doesn’t matter if someone takes it
  9. Personal hygiene bag full of everything you need to smell, shine and keep healthy
  10. Your motivational Music and earphones!