Need Accommodation?

Your staff accommodation may not be what you imagine, so be prepared.

There’s limited accommodation available in the Resorts and nearby towns so get in early to secure a bed.

The cost of accommodation is usually from $150+ per week.

Tips to help you get accommodation

  1. Apply for jobs with accommodation
  2. Save a money for a bond and a month’s rent in advance
  3. Secure accommodation before arriving; contact real estate agents
  4. Rent with friends
  5. Share a house with work friends
  6. Pay rent in advance

Helpful tips when you have accommodation

  1. Cook for your housemates
  2. Buy a month’s supply of noodles and dry food
  3. Bring your own linen, favorite  pillow, warm soft blanket to curl up on the couch and indoor shoes
  4. Don’t leave the heater on in your accommodation; electricity costs a s… loads in regional Australia
  5. Put your name on your phone charger
  6. Bring your own travel mug for the trip up the mountain

Accommodation options in NSW Resorts

Real Estates

Raine & Horne

First National Jindabyne 

Facebook – Looking to live around Jindabyne