If you pay it, you can claim it from the 1st July each year in Australia. It is a great way to fund your next winter overseas.

The cost to get it done depends on how organised you are.

Here’s some tips to save you time and money when claiming your Tax;

  1. Grab and envelop and label it Tax Return 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018
  2. Get all your Group Certificates and put them in your envelope. No Group Certificate, no worries just get an accountant and they can get them all online
  3. Gather up all your expenses that relate to doing your job eg: Petrol receipts if you work two jobs as you can claim travel from one job to the other
  4. Keep a record of your car use for work
  5. Find an accountant if you do not or can not do it yourself

More information…..

If you’re a Ski Instructor, Guide, Paid Ski Patroller then you can claim your ski gear.


Accountants – Google for your local accountants