If you are looking for work in the Snowy Mountains Region then SnowyStaff is the place that you should register. There is a very short response time, your concerns, areas of expertise and general interest are melded together to try and provide you with your ideal job.  This is an awesome avenue that definitely provides you with a wider range of job options. A fantastic Service.

Megan Hewitt Thredbo

Having been coming to Thredbo for the past 24 years with my family at Easter Time. Thredbo was were my second home. I had always wanted to do a season down there but never got around to organise it. I was recommended to Kris Laird by the managers of the YHA (who were friend with previous managers of Roslyn Lodge where I spent many day as a youngster) and from there it all fell into place. After I sent an email to Kris, she got straight back to me, it all happened so quickly, but within 2 weeks I was placed and on my way down to do the season I’ve always wanted to do.

SnowyStaff was a professional and impressive service that without, wouldn’t have made my season what it was turned out to be. Kris was just fantastic in her organisational skills and continuous commitment to finding a job on the mountains that suited me. Later did I know that halfway through the season I’d be usine Kris to find me staff as I ended up a Manager.

Thanks for everything Kris, my season at the Denman was an experience I will never forget and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to do it.

Michell Farrer, Thredbo

Great Service for funding work in the mountains. I sent my resume and application form from overseas for work to be able to start as soon as I got back to Australia. Helped me enjoy my last few weeks in O/S, knowing I had work to come back to and to start pretty much straight away.  Getting a job is the hard part but SnowyStaff makes it very easy.

Shane Day

One month prior to leaving Canada a close friend recommended contacting SnowyStaff as I was interested in continuing work in the snow industry in Australia. After a speedy reply to my email, Kris Laird advised she would begin the searching for opportunities at Thredbo.  I arrived in Australia at the end of May and had a direct phone interview 48 hours later.  Happy with their offer as a waitress in their new restaurant, I began working within the week.

After a few weeks I was promoted to Restaurant Manager which has involved implementing all staff systems along with creating and maintaining a reputation and vibe for a brand new restaurant.

Now I am off to Europe where Kris has organised a position in Verbier as a Ski Instructor. I would recommend SnowyStaff to any Job Seeker – the service is professional, amazingly friendly and the only way I would look for a position in any ski resort in the future. Thanks Kris.

Jo Westerman

Heard of SnowyStaff through some family friends as I was looking for a new challenge. SnowyStaff found me some great job offers in the ski fields. The season was great working and staying on the snow at Guthega Alpine Hotel getting to go skiing in my free time. I would like to say a big thanks to Kris and SnowyStaff team for all the help and enjoyment that I have had.

Tristen Knaack

Needing a change and wanting a good opportunity to have a lot of fun I decided to move to Jindabyne at the start of the snow season. With cheap accommodation organized $1000 for my season pass and already being relatively well equipped for the snow all I needed was a job.  On my 4th day after settling in I went to SnowyStaff.  Within 10 minutes of being there, a friend and I both had work cleaning lodges at Thredbo.  3 days a week Friday, Saturday and Sundays which meant 4 days up the mountain but the best part was paid on Tuesday so Wednesday was party night and Thursday recuperate. Although good times really do depend on working those three days and no less its still a very cruisey lifestyle and I for one will be repeating the process next year.

Roland Kindler

What Businesses have said about SnowyStaff

We thought we were equipped with staff for the winter. As it happened not all worked out so SnowyStaff came to the rescue more than once during the winter. Thank you Kris.

Brunellis Café, Perisher